Build Your Dream Flawless  Foundation

Are you looking for a foundation to provide people perfect makeup based and contains skin love ingredients? It's the right place to start your brand!

From matte to dewy finish, liquids to creamy foundationand, and medium to full coverage foundation, SindeBella has high performance foundation formulas that are sure to meet your client's needs, and we can help you develop your unique formula for your brand.

The Foundation is not make for you, it's you!

our finest product

Popular Foundation

Top 1
Matte Finish Foundation

* Oil free matte foundation &16hr wear
* Medium to full coverage foundation
* Best selling formula for start-ups
* Vegan & Cruelty-free

No. 2
Moisturizing Foundation

* Medium to full coverage
* Dewy finish – not matte
* Best for dry & sensitive skin
*  Vegan & Cruelty-free

No. 3
Foundation Cream

* Cream based foundation in a compact
* Full coverage
* Matte finish
*  Vegan & Cruelty-free

No. 4
Exquisite BB Cream

* Delivering a lightweight coverage.
* Leaves Satiny Finish-soft matte
* Best for dry & sensitive skin
*  Vegan & Cruelty-free

How to custom your own foundation?

Start from our standard formula

Best choices for start-ups or budget at US $ 1000-2000

STEP 1: Order your sample kit.

According to your foundation request features, you can select our formula, from matte to dewy finish, liquids to creamy foundationand, and medium to full coverage foundation, click here to order. You also can contact us by email or WhatsApp if you need further information to select them.

Bespoke formula and packaging

Best choices for large business or budget at US $ 5000+

STEP 1: Send us your foundation feature requests

You can list the foundation features which you want to enhance the effect, the texture, the shades, our labotary will develop the formula according to your requests.

The cost for developing the formula is USD 100 for 3 shades/3 formulas. We will provide you 30ml each formula to test out the quality and you can adjust the formulas 2 time more for free to perfect your formula.

Note: The cost not including the shipping cost.

What You Need To Know?

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Choose from our catalog of mature formulations already in use by 3000+ brand which are proved to favourite formulas, or create your own based on what your brand seeks to accomplish.


Our in-house R&D team and testing facilities help you create and test your custom formulations before going into production, ensuring complete transparency into our research and test reports.


Our in-house team of graphic designers and our product managers collaborate with you to design and create packaging that’s unique, practical and capture’s your brand’s story and voice.

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