Mod 3D Mink Lashes - 10 pairs

$27.90 $30.90

For any mood, day to the night. Designed with soft and gently curled lash layers with tapered outer-edge oomph. Perfect for adjusting the energy of any space you walk in.

All of the lashes in our store can do it in normal strip lash, with 5 magnets, 6 magnets, or 10 magnets, pls select the right lash type to your cart, MOQ is 10 pairs.

Key Features:

  • Materials: Cruelty-Free 3D Mink
  • Lash Length: Max 16mm
  • Band: Cotton
  • This Item contains 1pair lashes+1pcs Pretty Free Case
  • Suitable for: Dating Lashes, Party Queen Lash