Liquid Waterproof Eyeliner Brush Tip Pen

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Precise Waterproof Black Liquid Eyeliner

PERFECT LIQUID EYELINER PENS - Smooth and smooth at the tip of the liquid eyeliner. It offers long-lasting, dazzling matte colors, which will help you to create fashionable make-up and display a woman's most attractive charm
HIGHT QUALITY - Define your eye with strong color, fast dry, water-resistant, highly pigmented formula, smooth and smooth formulation

WATERPROOF & SWEAT - Soft natural formula and fast drying. Waterproof, sweat resistant, and hard to smudge makeup. Excellent makeup retention. Sealed design for a long time. TIPS: Don't blink your eyes right away. 

EASY TO USE AND REMOVE - The tip of the liquid eyeliner is very soft, allowing you to draw your desired makeup with great precision and smoothness. It can be easily removed with makeup remover

Key Features:

  • Size: 2 ml / 0.06 fl. oz.
  • Comes in two shades: a pitch-black
  • Precise tip for an error-free application
  • Sleek design for optimum control


Private label Wholesale Gel Eyeliner Pencil.

  • Wholesale from Qty 120pcs.
  • Private Label from QTY 500pcs. And Select your shades.
  • Fully designed the packaging and formula from QTY 3000pcs.