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Super Easy & Build Your Own Brand & Unique Design

Easy Start Lash Business for people or company who want to start with dropshipping business.

Obtaining your own brand and people love it is an great career and dream!!  Big quantity private label product manufacturing is one of those things that is be both scary & risky. With SindeBella OEM, we aren’t just a manufacturer, we’re a partner.

We can provide you quality and various strip lashes/magnetic lashes and premium packaging customized, only three steps to start your first business. What's more, we running our own brand AVOCADO·BEE, which have experienced to provide your professional maketing material, and we can provide you website building services.

100% support you to start your brand building. With us, money in safe and business in safe.

FAQ For Dropshipping

Fast Start Your Own Lash Brand– How it Works

We can help launch your brand in a few easy steps, all with a customised product, packaging and design. Our team will guide you through the process step by step. With low minimum order quantities from just 50-300 units & the capacity to grow with your brand, you could be selling your own brand in a matter of weeks. As follow that we will show you that how to create your own eyelashes brand. I hope we can help you fast start your own Lashes Line.

Step 1 Choose The Best Lash

Choose your lash styles.
Choose the lash material you want.

Step 2 Design Your Brand Box

Your logo and design can be put on the box packaging to create a unique luxury lash box. 

Step 3 Design Your Eyeliner

Your logo an design can be put on the bottle and color box packaging to create a unique magnetic eyeliner.

Step 4 Design Your Lash Tool

Your logo and design can be put on the tweezer, curler, Q-tips, etc to rich your lash line.

Something you should know before you choose the lash

What Materials of Lash Best for My Lash Business?


Mink  Lash

Straight from a fluffy, little animal, mink is real fur… Yes, as in an ANIMAL! Real mink is desirable because of its reputation for being “luxurious”.
Appearance: Shiny black, looks natural, it can do more glam, bold & dramatic.
Target: High-end market or  focus on mink lash business.


Vegan Synthetic Fiber Lash

Synthetic lashes are designed to look like one of two things: mink or silk! Synthetic lashes do not necessarily mean low quality. The synthetic lash we provided is high quality, don't look like plastic. synthetic mink is rapidly gaining popularity due to its long-lasting quality and dark, matte finish!
Target: Vegan lash market or people who have limited budget.


Silk Lash

It comes straight from the cocoon of a silk worm and is desirable because it is shiny and usually associated with luxury.  It is quite a soft material and won't be able to hold its shape and curl for a long time. But it is lighter and softer. Most of silk lash made with synthetic, the genuine silk lashes are hard to come by, though they are still requested in high volume!

Target: High-end market with unique luxury materials.

The Estimated Budgets for Wholesale or Private Label

Most of us love to start with our brand, that we can put 200% drive and enthusiasm to introduce to the market and accumulate the customers. It's exciting!!!
And we need to learn about that how much to start with the business?

According to our customer budget, we will have the following estimated budget for your reference:
1) If you want to start with a private label, our MOQ is100- 300 pcs, and the estimated budget plus shipping cost is around USD 600-1500.
2) If your budget is within USD 300-600 or maybe less, we suggest you can start with wholesale, or buy bulk no label lashes to test out the market.

Contact us to get further information and a price sheet about private label or wholesale.





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Good quality & Premium Packaging 

Good quality lashes, Look good, feel great. A charming package attracts your customers. In order to attract and satisfy our customers, we are experienced to help you to do the best on both. 


MOQ 50-3000 Pairs

Comparing with  QTY 1000 (mass production), the QTY 50-300 pairs can reduce the first investment, meanwhile, give you mass production quality, good for brand owner.


Marketing Material Provided

 Free marketing materials (photos & videos) can be provided for private label orders to quickly promote your brand.

Launch Your Brand Today

Get in touch with our team today to get more information, FREE SAMPLES, and start the process of launching your brand.